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More Intense Spider 29er Pics

November 30, 2005

Yeah I know I just posted pics of the Intense Spider 29er just a couple days ago, but I just got some new ones of it built up with the Rockshox Reba forks. So here’s a couple more…

Intense Spider 29er Rockshox Reba

Intense Spider 29er Rockshox Reba

Specialized marketing department says 'no' to 29 inches

November 28, 2005

According to a sales rep out of Specialized… there has been a big push recently by the sales guys to have Specialized jump into the 29er market.

Problem is, the marketing department over there doesn’t think there’s a big enough market.

Update: It’s been brought to my attention that I was not very clear here. The sales rep mentioned above is who communicated that the marketing department at Specialialized isn’t currently interested in 29ers. I did not hear that directly from the marketing guys over there.

Tell them differently!

New prototype of the Intense Spider 29er

November 26, 2005

I just got some new pictures from the Intense shop. These shots are of a new prototype Intense Spider 29er.

Intense Spider 29er

Intense Spider 29er

Intense Spider 29er

Gary Fisher Supercaliber 29er Updates

November 23, 2005

According to my source, the Gary Fisher Supercaliber 29er is still slated for a May or June release and will be officially a part of the ’06 line. I still say that’s a hopeful date but we’ll see.

The 26 inch Supercaliber is currently scheduled for April and the theory is that there will only be a 30 day lag until the 29 inch version is ready for production.

The first set of prototypes (that I had exclusive pictures of) were mainly getting the geometry figured out and the second round of prototypes hitting in January will be perfecting the quality and comfort of the ride by using different shapes and sizes of tubing. My guy in the Gary Fisher shop says he should be able to get some pictures of the prototypes to me once they’re closer to finished.

Another cool bit I heard about… apparantly they took both the 26er and 29er versions of the Supercaliber out and let Travis Brown and Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski run some laps on each. Both of them had their fastest lap times on the 29 inch. Yeah it’s obvious to us. But it’s nice to have proof as well.

Trek and Specialized

November 22, 2005

Even though the Specialized marketing department steadfastly denies the rumors of a 29er coming out of their shop… I keep hearing otherwise. Today I heard from a third (and more reliable source) that there is something in the mix. No details though.

Also, I heard today that a 96er (29 inch wheel in the front and 26 inch wheel in the back) project has been cleared for the ’07 Trek line.

Steelman 29er Question

November 21, 2005

I have a Steelman Eurocross Cyclocross frame that I am thinking of building it into a “Forest Road Flyer” 29er with flat bars that would double as a cross racing rig. I would set up two sets of wheels- one fatter tire set for 29er conditions and one narrow tire set for Cyclocross Racing. I plan to use the very Sweet, Steelman Steel fork that it came with the frame.

I think this would be a great rig for races like the Chequamegon 40 and the Ore to Shore, etc. Big, mass start MTB races, that are mostly on forest roads not singletrack, The rig would also serve as a good cross rig, particularly for rough cross courses!

Will the Steelman geometry work for 29er?

What kind of tire clearance would the Steelman have? How big a tire could it handle? Suggestions for tires?

Am I nuts? Am I wasting my time? Should I use the Steelman frame or get a frame specifically designed to be a 29er?

Any ideas or suggestions welcome!!

— Tim Dalton

Be part of the 29er voice!

November 16, 2005

UPDATE: For those of you that tried to send an email yesterday and it was messed up, it’s been fixed. Give it another go!


We all want access to a wider variety of 29ers. The problem is that the industry seems to be ignoring the fact that the riders want them!

So I’ve added something new to Twenty Nine Inches. I have added an email form to the site so you can let the manufacturers know how you feel.

They aren’t gonna put the money into the 29er movement until they know it’s legit and this is your chance to let them hear your voice.

Click Here to check it out!

A FS from VooDoo?

November 14, 2005

From the rumor box…

I hear through some very shaky sources that there may be a full suspension 29er in the works for VooDoo some time later next year.

I contacted the VooDoo people and they are sayin’ nada so who knows.

That’s all I’ve got.

Lightest 29er?

November 14, 2005

Another question…

What is currently the lightest hardtail 29er out there regardless of price or manufacture?


New 29er section and question

November 11, 2005

I know some 29er experts come to this site so here’s your chance to show off your knowledge.

I’ve added a “Questions and Answers” section so people with questions can submit them and people with answers can give them.

First question:

I found this picture on your website:

Gary Fisher

My friend has THAT exact bike, but it has 293 on the seat stays and if you look at the Gary Fisher archives on their website for 292 you don’t see this bike. What the heck year is that bike?

— Paul

Put your answers in the comments.