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New Wily 29er Pics

October 31, 2005

More pictures out of the Wily 29er shop:


Niner Bikes s.i.r. 9 available for pre-order

October 25, 2005

Niner Bikes s.i.r. 9The Niner Bikes s.i.r. 9 frame is coming out this January and they are taking pre-orders for the frame.

As always, click on the pictures in this post to see them in larger scale.

The frames are available in four colors: Hot Tamale, Tang, Godzilla Green and Kermit Green. Kermit Green was on the s.i.r. 9 at Interbike and is only available in short supply so get your order in if you want it.

For those of you looking to by me a Christmas present… I like my s.i.r. in Kermit Green.

Niner Bikes s.i.r. 9You also get a couple things for pre-ordering:

  • Gauranteed availability of size and color
  • free Niner shirt, hat and the YAWYD top cap

Apparently they’ve been having trouble keeping their One 9 frame in stock so it’s a good bet they’ll have the same trouble with the s.i.r. 9. If you’re interested in ordering send an email to to get the pre-order form.

Niner Bikes s.i.r. 9Frame details:

  • Custom machined EBB (std EBB 210 grams ours is 110 grams) with more chain adjustment meaning more flexibility with gearing and no need for a half link.
  • CNC machined EBB means perfect BB shell alignment and ultra-clean threads right out of the box
  • Titanium set screws
  • Reynolds custom butted 853 size specific tubing
  • Custom made Breezer style dropouts with a replaceable alloy derailleur hanger when running gears, or an alloy insert for a smooth look when running single speed.
  • S bent chain and seat stays for improved heal and mud clearance. They also add vertical compliancy to the rear triangle for a smooth “soft tail” feel
  • Headtube to Chris King headset specs and top and bottom faced for perfect bearing alignment.
  • Disc brake only
  • Stainless steel headbadge
  • Beautifully welded by Reynolds 853 certified welders
  • Ample downtube clearance for all suspension fork crowns
  • Proven Niner geometry.

Niner Bikes s.i.r. 9

Pre-order s.i.r. 9 pricing:
  Price Deposit
Frame 749 300
Frame & Brakes 1049 400
Frame & SS Wheels 1149 450
Frame & Fork 1149 450
Frame, Brakes & SS Wheels 1399 550
Frame, Brakes & Fork 1399 550
Frame, SS Wheels & Fork 1499 600
Frame, Brakes, SS Wheels & Forks 1699 650
Note: We do not sell complete bikes.
Reynolds Niner Rigid fork can be subsitiuted for the RockShox Reba (subtract $221 from the price)

Stupid 29er Discussions

October 21, 2005

The more discussions I hear and read on the 29er, the more I realize people just like to hear themselves talk whether they know the subject material or not.

A comment I read the other day:

“I got a chance to ride a 29 inch wheeled bike the other day. It made it a little easier to go over obstacles, however I like speed on a bike and a 29 inch wheeled bike just doesn’t hold speed as well and since I like to go fast I will have to stick with my 26 inch bike. – Brad”

Obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

While it’s true you lose some acceleration with 29 inch wheels (about 2%), you gain a whole lot in roll resistance (about 10%) over 26ers. This means that while it’ll take slightly longer to get up to speed, you will maintain that speed for much longer then with 26 inch wheels.

The normal obstacles on trails, whether big or small, won’t have such a large impact because you’ll roll over them easier, therefore maintaining a higher rate of speed.

How about you spend more then ten minutes on a 29er before you make a judgement call next time Brad.

2006 Independent Fabrications 29er

October 20, 2005

The 2006 Independent Fabrications single speed 29er…

Independent Fabrications 29er single speed

Independent Fabrications 29er single speed

Wily Cycles available in stock sizes

October 19, 2005

Wily Cycles has mainly specialized in making customized frames and only do the 29er thing.

They are offering something a little different now though. You can get their Classic Mountain 29er frame in four stock geometry sizes, however:

  1. the frames are still unpainted, so the customer gets to pick the paint color and full custom paint schemes are possible
  2. they are available in a regular geared version and single speed. The optional braze-ons and a derailleur tab right dropout allows the ability to run gears. The sliding dropout option allows running single speed

So this allows you to pick up their frames for a lot less money then fully custom built.

Wily Cycles

A 29er History Lesson

October 18, 2005

More 29er ramblings from Guitar Ted

…you will notice that the [26 inch] wheel size was chosen not for technical superiority, but as a choice of convienience! The wheel size in question happened to work out okay from a standpoint of availability, price, and toughness. The early California pioneers of the MTB didn’t have a research lab to see what would make the optimum wheel size for off road adventures. They made their choice out of necessity.

Keep reading…

Salsa Dos Niner Updates

October 13, 2005

A few details on the updated Dos Niner from Salsa Cycles

The Dos Niner gets a new Very Verde Green paint job, as well as two important updates.

Standover height is decreased by lowering the toptube and using a seattube brace. In 2005, only the 16″ frame used this seattube brace, but now all frames utilize it. Also, clearance has been improved at the seatstay yoke. Expected availability is early Spring 2006.

Click for Bigger
Salsa Dos Niner Verde Verde

Salsa also has a hot new 29er rim coming out. More details on that soon…

VooDoo Cycles Mention

October 11, 2005 got a mention on the VooDoo Cycles blog. Go us.

I also got to meet the Drunk Cyclist, Big Jonny, while hanging out at the VooDoo booth at Interbike. Pretty cool.

Big Jonny

Built up Supercaliber 29er prototype

October 10, 2005

Images of the put together Gary Fisher Supercaliber 29er prototype are on the forums at MTBR….

Gary Fisher Supercaliber 29er

I agree with VERVE 29er, they should offer it unpainted. Looks sweet.

Gary Fisher Supercaliber 29er Prototype

October 5, 2005

My guy in the Fisher prototype lab came through quicker then I expected.

These pictures are of the first prototype of the Gary Fisher Supercaliber 29. It hasn’t all been put together yet as he’s waiting on the final components. He said he’d try to get some more pictures of the full bike once it’s done.

I’ve heard the 26″ version of this rides pretty nice so I’m super stoaked about the 29 inch version.

Gary Fisher Supercaliber 29er
Gary Fisher Supercaliber 29er
Gary Fisher Supercaliber 29er
Gary Fisher Supercaliber 29er
Gary Fisher Supercaliber 29er