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Airbourne Becomes Flyte: New 29" AL Frame!

August 30, 2005

Up from the ashes! The once slated aluminum 29″ wheeled frame promised by Airbourne that was nixed later on, has become available afterall. Now under the moniker “Flyte”, the company is offering the frame at $399,99. See it here: The frame is also offered as a complete bike. The frame only comes with a free integrated FSA headset. It is optimised for use with an 80mm-120mm travel fork.

To explain, the Airbourne name was used under license from the Huffy corporation, which owns the rights to that name. The license agreement period was up, and Flyte, (Now an independant company from Huffy) decided to move on under a new name. This new offering should be a shot in the arm to the big wheeled movement, as there are so many single speed choices. Many of us have been itching for a good geared alternative that didn’t break the bank. Check it out!

The 29er Shirt

August 30, 2005

Since there was a pretty good response to the sticker we made available, we have put a shirt together as well.

29er Shirt


More 29er love coming from SSWC05

August 25, 2005

More talk over at Just Riding Along about all the 29er Gary Fisher Rigs that showed up at the Single Speed World Championships. Michael Brown from Dirt Rag blames the continued rise in popularity of the 29er on Gary Fisher because they are the only production big wheeled bikes available across the country. I happen to agree.

I’m looking forward to heading out to Interbike in a month and getting my camera on the big number of 29ers that are bound to be there.

Guitar Ted on the new OnOne 29er

August 25, 2005

Guitar Ted Productions:

Well, here are the final pics released today by OnOne showing the new 29 inch wheeled Inbred frame. As you might see, the rear drop outs are sliders with an unusual tensioner built right in! Also note the rear derailluer hangar. This frame is “gearie” compatible, and that’s how I would run it. It looks as though one of our distributors is getting these in, so I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for a price.

onone 29er

Jesse Lalonde Wins SSWC '05 on a 29er

August 24, 2005

I just posted the press release from Gary Fisher about their regional rider, Jesse Lalonde, winning the Single Speed World Championship in PA. He rode the race atop a fully rigid Gary Fisher 29er. Anybody got some pics of it?

New 29ers

August 21, 2005

“It seems like every other day there is some kind of new 29er available. I guess that just goes to show they aren’t going away.”

– Mike Pfaltzgraff
  Dirt Rag Magazine, Issue #116
  Orbea 29er review

Gary Fisher 29er 2006 Sneak Preview

August 19, 2005

Ryan Atkinson of Gary Fisher:

Most of you know the basics of the Fisher 29er lineup for 2006. The Paragon and X-Caliber return, and are already in stores with new parts groups and graphics. The Rig is back in black as a complete bike and a RockShox, this year it will also be available as a frameset with a rigid fork. Also returning for 2006 are the 292 and 293. These bikes remain unchanged for this year and are not shown in the catalog, long story, sorry for the confusion.

New for 2006 is the Cobia, a sub $1000 hardtail with a new RockShox Tora fork. We look for this bike to do really well for us.

A late introduction will be a new full suspension platform. Look for it in stores hopefully by next Spring. The platform is called the Race Day FS and the model will be called the Supercaliber 29. It is a shorter travel single pivot design that will be optimized for 29 inch wheels to have similar handling characteristics of the hardtails. The picture here is of the 26″ version.

There are of course two new forks from Bontrager, both Switchblades, one with carbon legs and the other with aluminum. I’ll let some of the show visitors post pictures of these. We also have the Jones XR tires in a 1.8″, but I think I already told you about those.

As always we have a lot of plans for big wheels. We take as much to market as we can with the resources that we have. We are really happy with the growth of big wheels, we expect sales to double this year.

Gary Fisher Cobia

Gary Fisher Sugar 292

August 10, 2005

Cycling News:

Fisher, among other manufacturers, is solidly behind two-niners. To help promote its line, Fisher opened up a couple of sponsorship spots just for two-niner riders. In 2005, one of those riders, Cameron Chambers of Great Bend, Kansas, rode his Sugar 292 to victory in the NORBA Solo 24-Hour National Championships earlier this year, proving, at the very least, that 29in wheel bikes are competitive with regular 26in machines.

Chambers says his Sugar 292 is a production aluminum frame with “carbon-fiber bits on it”; bits like Bontrager’s high-end carbon stem, handlebar and seat post. On that Race XXX Lite OS carbon bar, he runs SRAM’s X.0 grip shifters, which he only tried for the first time this season. “I’ve had SRAM’s trigger shifters before and I didn’t know how I would like the grip shift,” he says. “I figured I’d race it at the first couple of NORBA’s then go right back to the triggers but I loved it right off the bat. It has such a positive shift, you know. You really pop into gear. I like that a lot.”

Check out the gallery of all the pics.


Twenty Nine Inches Bumper Sticker

August 10, 2005

I’ve put together a bumper sticker and it’s now for sale at CafePress. Only $4.99 and it supports this site. Have at it.

29er bumper sticker

Rigid Fork Availability

August 2, 2005

Recently, we got a question regarding the availability of rigid front forks for 29 inch wheeled bikes that are suspension corrected. Well, help is on the way! Read on for the skinny.

First, let’s define what suspension corrected means. A rigid fork that mimics the length of a properly set up suspension fork, ( accounting for “sag”, or what happens when a riders weight is being supported by the suspension fork) is said to be “suspension corrected”. So, for an example, let’s say our suspension fork’s length from the center of the front axle to the bottom of the fork crown race is 490mm. Okay, now we mount up a rider to our bike, and using the standards for sag recommended by most fork manufacturers, we now have an axle to crown measurement of approximately 470mm. So, in order to make your bicycle handle as closely as possible with a rigid fork in place of the suspension fork, we must have an axle to crown measurement of 470mm for the rigid fork as well. Suspension correct, ya’all!

Allright, now to where you can get a rigid fork for your 29 inch wheeled bicycle frame that was designed around an 80mm travel fork. Just like the example above, we need to find a fork that has a 470mm axle to crown measurement, or very close to that.

Example #1. Karate Monkee fork from Surly. Sure, this fork is a little portly, (2.5-ish “el-bees”) it’s not very “sexy”, and it may be on the stiff side for lighter weight riders, but it’s way cheap. It also is durable as all get out, precise, and readily available through almost any LBS with a Quality Bicycles account. (Which is most local bike shops in the U.S.) Don’t like canti studs? Dremel them off, and have the fork powder coated, which should be pretty reasonable. Be aware that dremeling off the studs will void your warranty, but I seriously doubt you’ll need to use the warranty on such a burly fork.

Example #2. Well, two examples, really. There are two very highly respected 29 inch wheeled custom frame builders doing a bang up job making some pretty cool and reasonably priced rigid forks. These forks are starting to show up on a lot of rigid builds lately. They are Wily Cycles and Walt Works Cycles, both based out of Colorado. Wily uses a slick looking uni-crown design while Walt Works uses a segmented crown design. Both builders use straight legs. Of course, since both are custom frame builders, you can specify axle to crown length, rake, and brake options. Sound expensive? Well, it’s not too bad, really, when you consider what you get. For around $225- $250 dollars either one of these builders can deliver a “correct” fork for your application, geometry-wise, and for a little extra, can even paint it in a wild array of colors, or fine tune the desired ride characteristics based on you and your riding style. Not bad when you consider that you can’t even touch a decent 29 inch wheeled compatible suspension fork for this kind of dough. Plus, you can specify brake options with either builder. Want a drop dead sexy disc only fork? No problema, senior.

Example #3?: Several other less expensive designs are on the horizon. Soma Fabrications, On One, and Bontrager are all coming out with rigid fork designs soon. So, our options may open up a little! Stay tuned!