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Roll Over Big Stuff

July 22, 2005

Decreased angle of attack: Roll over larger obstacles.

Longer contact patch: Float through mud, snow and sand.

Versatility: Swap 700c tures to go from mountain to road.

Ride faster with less effort: Proven to be 6% faster than 26″ wheel bike.

via Gary Fisher publication

Kona Unit 2-9 Update

July 18, 2005

The Kona 29 inch wheeled frameset is coming our way! Yippee! Those dudes at Kona are getting it right with the up-coming Unit 2-9. This baby has got it all! Triple butted CrMo frame, sliding dropouts, (Really good idea that allows the tensioning of a single speed chain, the use of disc brakes, and quick release rear wheels) also featuring full braze ons for gearie duty, an optional driveside sliding dropout with the integrated derailluer hangar, and all painted up in a metallic sage green! Price will be $425.00, which is crazy! A Project Two rigid CrMo fork will be made available later for an extra $50.00. Available at your Kona Dealer in October.

Inbred 29er Update

July 14, 2005

Your local bike shop that uses J&B Importers as a supplier will soon be able to score you an Inbred 29er frame. The first run of frames is to be shipped soon and all of that coming to the U.S., according to Brant of On One. The frame has already been given a part number which is #68101, and can only be ordered through your local bike shop from J&B. The frames will go fast! The price is yet to be announced, but Brant stated that he hoped it would be the same or less than Surly’s Karate Monkee. The frame will be done in CrMo. and I think the color is some sort of orange, according to the catalog code from J&B. I could be wrong on the color, however. J&B has an “item watch” feature that your local bike shop can use to track when the frame is available, and order it for you as soon as it’s available. Of course, your LBS has to have a computer for this service to work for you!

Some of the salient features are the sliding dropouts for tensioning the chain for singlespeed use. The dropouts are also derailluer compatible. Cable stops are brazed on for geared usage, as well. The seat stays will feature the traditional Inbred segmented construction. A fork is forthcoming, but is not yet available at this time, to match. The fork will be suspension corrected, and made in CrMo. All in all, a worthy “blue collar” type frame for 29 inch wheels!

Forget 29 inches… I'm going with the 36er

July 11, 2005

This beach cruiser is quite a unique bike. It’s the Monster Cruiser bicycle with 36″ tires and an old fashioned classic design. You’ll feel like a kid again riding the Monster Cruiser bicycle. Don’t let this bike’s huge, jumbo-sized wheels fool you. It is easy and fun to ride. Tower above your friends as the giant 36 inch wheels give you a true “over the road” feel. It’s perfect for casual riding, especially on the beach or in the park.

Some Highlights of Monster Cruiser Bicycle are:

  • 36″ front & rear Coker button tread tires
  • Chrome wheels
  • Comfortable springer seat
  • 30″ handlebars
  • Rear coaster and front caliper brakes
  • Available in White only

via Commute by Bike

Jason's rusted out 29er bike

July 8, 2005

Check out all the pictures…